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We address your various behavioral health concerns with the assistance of our trusted and experienced mental health professionals. Our services improve your outlook on life and create an enhanced sense of inner peace.

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Psychosocial Rehab

Achieve recovery and improved quality of life.

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Addictions Counseling

Overcome addiction and live your best life

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Senior Mental Healthcare

Helping behavioral health and addictions

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Virtual Behavioral Health Care

Attend your sessions wherever you may be

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Introducing to you National Smart Healthcare Services

National Smart Healthcare Services provides high-quality behavioral health care to people with mental health issues. Based in Houston, Texas, we provide a holistic approach to treatments and therapies tailored to our client’s specific needs. We exist to listen and assist in achieving positive outcomes in a manner that respects our clients’ rights and promotes recovery in a supportive environment.


We are committed Mission Statement

National Smart HealthCare strives to prevent the systematic burden of mentally ill individuals’ recidivism needlessly into the hospital system.

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